joy (deathtojoy) wrote,

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I know it's late. I just wish once in a while someone would fucking answer a fricken phone call when it wasn't convenient for them to once in a while. I'm stuck outside my dorm waiting for someone to let me in because I lost my keys last night. Am I really that bad to answer a phone call from once in awhile? Besides the fact I am looking for a place to crash until one of my roommates returns (yes, everyone went home this weekend) so it's not easy to get into my room. I know I'll be able to get in eventually and wait around for someone to let me in my room but I'm a little disappointed I only have casual convenient friends in college. I've got a few prime ones but seriously going home this weekend made me realize I've got two people in the world who would kill for me. And one is moving to Kansas and the other is doing her own thing. bah.
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